Black History Month Themes

Black history month is a yearly festivity of the accomplishments by the black community. It is also a time for appreciating the main role of African Americans in American history.  

Each president in the United States since 1976 has elected officially the month of February as African American History Month, commonly known as Black History Month. Other places throughout the world, such as the UK and Canada, also dedicate a month to celebrate African American history.  

Before you celebrate the theme of black history month 2020, here are the previous black history month themes: 

2015 – A Century of Black Culture, History, and Life 

Carter G. strived under the idea that historical truth will defeat falsehoods and steer in a new era of racial democracy, opportunity, and equality when he founded in 1915 the ASALH. For a century, this has been its responsibility. As the theme of the 2015 black history month, ASALH has chosen “A Century of Black Culture, History, and Life” in honor of this milestone. 

2016 – Hollowed Grounds: Sites of Black Memories 

The history of blacks develops throughout the canvas of the United States. It starts before the Mayflower arrival and continues to the present. The imprint of Americans of African descent is embedded deeply in the American past’s narrative, from the universities and colleges where they chased education, to areas where they made communities during years of migration, from port areas where blacks landed from slave ships to the battlegrounds where their descendants clashed for freedom. These areas encourage people to remember the hallowed grounds.  

2017  The Crisis in African American Education 

The 2017 theme for the black history month concentrates on the vital role of education in the history of blacks. Carter G. Woodson, the founder of ASALH, wrote once that if you teach the black that he has achieved as much as great as any other ethnic group, he will seek justice and equality without regard to ethnicity.  

He knows well the insinuations related to the denial of access to education. That is why he called awareness to the predicament that resulted from stubbornly enforced racial obstruction to equal knowledge.  

2018 – Blacks in Times of War 

The theme in the black history month 2018 is “Blacks in Times of War”. It celebrates the centennial of the conclusion of the 1st World War in 1918. It also discovers the complicated insinuations and meanings of this worldwide struggle and its outcome. The 1st World War was first termed by a lot of people as the war “to make the world safe for democracy”, “The War to End All Wars”, and “The Great War”. 

2019 – African American Migrations 

African American migrations focus the movement of individuals of African descent to new places and, consequently, to new social truths. Though comprehensive of earlier years, this theme concentrates particularly on the 20th century through the present.  

2020 – African Americans and the Vote 

The theme for the upcoming black history month 2020 is African Americans and the Vote since it is the landmark year for voting rights.  

Caring for Your Tree and the Different Factors You Need

If wanted to add some natural touches to your place, then putting and planting some trees and flowers would be the best way for you to have and to consider. Many people would not agree to this one especially for some that they live in a big city and they care the most is the tall buildings and shopping malls. They would even want to have the trees removed by having the tree removal Charlotte NC to do this job as they believe that they don’t need trees in there. It may consume and take so much space to their areas if they are going to let the tree to stand there and live while they can’t renovate anything there.

When you care for your trees, then you could get more benefits like the fruits that you can harvest and you may want to have a farm for this one. At the same time, it can give you the cool air and the shade whenever you are planning to stay in the garden to relax and have a good nap. Of course, if you want to keep the good ambiance then you could plant more trees and decorate the garden with a beautiful type of furniture around the entire garden. You need to spend some time as well to talk to them or to show to them that you are caring for them and you are just right there waiting.

Moreover, to those reasons, you have to keep in your mind that there are many other things that you can do in order to help your trees to be healthier.


When you say pruning, then that means you are cutting the parts of the trees that are already destroyed or not important anymore to the tree and they are useless. But not everyone can do the pruning as they experts only can be the only one to know and to check if the parts are already broken or totally destroyed. They should know the right tools to use when cutting the parts and they have to perform it with all the knowledge as there is no room for any mistakes. It may sound easy but it would take a lot of experience before you can actually get the right technique and give a good trim to a tree.


When you want the tree to have more fruits, then some people would use a special kind of fertilizer as they would think that this could be helpful to use. This is true and the leaves and trunks need to have some vitamins and minerals, too.


When there is a problem with the tree, you can’t easily identify this one as you would need some time to know the problem. This is what an expert can do especially with the infestation and the diseases that could be very harmful to them.

Benefits of Re-Piping a House

Owning a home is a lot of responsibility and work. However, the exchange is having a place you could really call your own. Routine maintenance tasks such as appliance tune-ups, drain clearing, and gutter cleaning is crucial to do periodically. However, other tasks take a lot of time to come due. Eventually, these tasks do come due. Replacing the pipes in a house is one example of this. They aren’t made to last for eternity. Pipes do last for a couple of decades. However, pipes wear out and leave a homeowner with a huge issue eventually.

Here are several reasons why you should re-pipe your home:

Protection from Emergency

Simply because you have not had a complete plumbing emergency does not mean you do not have to consider your pipes. You’ll be able to select the latest material that’s less susceptible to damage and leaks whenever you re-pipe your house. Thus, you can prevent a potential emergency. Your new plumbing or fontaneria Santiago de Compostela system would last for a lot of years and will get rid of one more thing off your list of concerns.

Better Materials

The material of your pipes can pose a threat. This depends on the age of your house. Extremely old pipes can contain lead. On the other hand, houses that were constructed in 1970 up to 1990 have polybutylene pipes. This material is not hazardous. However, it is not that durable. Opting to re-pipe your house today would set up you with the most durable and safest available material. Thus, you will not have to be worried about your piping system for a lot of years.

Water Pressure

There can be a lot of reasons for it if you are suffering from low water pressure. This includes simultaneous use in other parts of your home (for instance, someone is showering and you’re doing the laundry) or low flow in from your town pipes. However, there is another popular reason. Your house might have old pipes. These old pipes begin to leak as they flake and corrode. They could still influence the water pressure, even if these leaks are not noticeable visually. In addition to that, they can be leading to a much bigger issue in the future if the leaks are behind your walls or underground. You will also notice water discoloration if your pipes are deteriorating. Of course, you do not want to use water that is dirty. To fix all of these problems and to prevent bigger issues from happening, you should re-pipe your house.

Cleaner Water

You are likely not too thrilled at the idea of drinking the water from your tap if you’ve got corroded or older pipes. As we have mentioned, if you’ve got old and corroded pipes, the water might be discolored. On several occasions, it might even have a hideous smell and foul odor. You will be enthralled by the fact that you can use your tap and drink water from it whenever you re-pipe your house.

4 Tips When Trimming Trees

Trimming or pruning is a necessary step in maintaining the health of your tree. Doing so improves the tree’s structural strength while also enhancing its appearance, maintaining its health, and increasing its value. If you want to know if your tree needs trimming, let an arborists take a look at it and provide you with a professional assessment.

Tree pruning is needed to remove weak, dead, crossing, or decayed branches. You’ll also need this service if you want to get rid of the lower branches of the tree to improve visibility or so they won’t get out of the way of vehicles and passers-by.

Get Professional Tree Trimming

While you may trim your tree yourself, it’s still best to let the professionals handle the job. Professionals have all the tools needed, especially safety gear. Tree trimming is a job for the experts and there’s no getting around that. Doing the job yourself may mean endangering yourself.

If your tree is quite small and you can manage to prune it without climbing up the branches, then you may possibly do the job yourself. Simply follow these tips and tricks so you’re fully guided.

1. Prune or trim trees during the dormant season.

There’s really no harm in pruning the tree regardless of what season it is but the dormant season is still the best because you’re actually preparing the tree to bloom later on in the year. But if the trimming can’t wait another day, then do the job as soon as possible.

2. Trim only the shorter branches.

Ideally, you should only trim branches that have a length of less than 5 centimeters. Anything longer than that is already a big and strong branch that it can stand on its own. This is why you need to trim branches regularly. Remove them before they grow really long. If you have a good reason to remove branches that are over 10 centimeters long, you better call the professionals.

3. Trim weak, narrow, and oddly shaped branches.

When you look at your tree, look for branches that seem to be not as strong as the others. You want to remove them because they’re consuming the tree’s resources but are not adding to its strength and stability. Keep trees following a U-shaped angle and do away with the ones that are V-shaped.

4. Prune a branch at the desired length.

Do not trim a branch too long or too close. Don’t leave a large stub on the trunk of the tree and don’t remove branch collars instead. Trim branches at the right length so the tree can continue growing laterally.

If you need more help on how to properly trim or prune trees, seek the help of expert service providers. You’re going to need arborists for the job because they are the professionals who are mostly tasked to provide this type of services. Hire only qualified professionals who are duly licensed, insured, and bonded. You deserve to be served by the most reputable company that offers tree trimming Kansas City Missouri.