Black History Month Themes

Black history month is a yearly festivity of the accomplishments by the black community. It is also a time for appreciating the main role of African Americans in American history.  

Each president in the United States since 1976 has elected officially the month of February as African American History Month, commonly known as Black History Month. Other places throughout the world, such as the UK and Canada, also dedicate a month to celebrate African American history.  

Before you celebrate the theme of black history month 2020, here are the previous black history month themes: 

2015 – A Century of Black Culture, History, and Life 

Carter G. strived under the idea that historical truth will defeat falsehoods and steer in a new era of racial democracy, opportunity, and equality when he founded in 1915 the ASALH. For a century, this has been its responsibility. As the theme of the 2015 black history month, ASALH has chosen “A Century of Black Culture, History, and Life” in honor of this milestone. 

2016 – Hollowed Grounds: Sites of Black Memories 

The history of blacks develops throughout the canvas of the United States. It starts before the Mayflower arrival and continues to the present. The imprint of Americans of African descent is embedded deeply in the American past’s narrative, from the universities and colleges where they chased education, to areas where they made communities during years of migration, from port areas where blacks landed from slave ships to the battlegrounds where their descendants clashed for freedom. These areas encourage people to remember the hallowed grounds.  

2017  The Crisis in African American Education 

The 2017 theme for the black history month concentrates on the vital role of education in the history of blacks. Carter G. Woodson, the founder of ASALH, wrote once that if you teach the black that he has achieved as much as great as any other ethnic group, he will seek justice and equality without regard to ethnicity.  

He knows well the insinuations related to the denial of access to education. That is why he called awareness to the predicament that resulted from stubbornly enforced racial obstruction to equal knowledge.  

2018 – Blacks in Times of War 

The theme in the black history month 2018 is “Blacks in Times of War”. It celebrates the centennial of the conclusion of the 1st World War in 1918. It also discovers the complicated insinuations and meanings of this worldwide struggle and its outcome. The 1st World War was first termed by a lot of people as the war “to make the world safe for democracy”, “The War to End All Wars”, and “The Great War”. 

2019 – African American Migrations 

African American migrations focus the movement of individuals of African descent to new places and, consequently, to new social truths. Though comprehensive of earlier years, this theme concentrates particularly on the 20th century through the present.  

2020 – African Americans and the Vote 

The theme for the upcoming black history month 2020 is African Americans and the Vote since it is the landmark year for voting rights.